Initiatives in Urban Education's Mission

The mission of Initiatives in Urban Education (IUE) is to improve the education of low-income children in Cleveland and its environs.


  IUE supports publicly funded, voluntary early learning experiences for virtually all pre-kindergarden children.

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  IUE will help design and encourage enactment of an improved system of state funding of education and other vital needs.

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  IUE supports charter schools because they can provide superior education at modest cost, often to children from families that lack an educated adult, and can by example help improve traditional, district-managed schools.

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IUE: A Brief History

IUE was organized in 1991 by the children of lawyer Hugh Calkins to recognize his retirement from law practice with Jones Day and his undertaking a second career in education improvement. By sending a letter to the Christmas Card list of the senior Calkins while they were on a retirement trip, the children raised about $40,000 for the new foundation. These funds have been used to demonstrate the confidence of IUE in a project while larger amounts were sought from larger foundations, and to permit projects to start before grants from other foundations were received. The expenditures from this fund over the years have in part been replaced by charitable contributions from IUE’s supporters, so that IUE now has unrestricted assets of about $20,000. In view of the small size of these assets, IUE plans to utilize them solely to further its initiatives, and does not accept grant requests from other organizations.

The early strategy of IUE was to create pilots of promising classroom improvements, in order that they could be evaluated by the District and, if thought warranted, extended to many or all of its schools. In order to learn at first hand about classroom conditions, Hugh Calkins taught in Cleveland schools, for three years as a substitute, and one year (1995-6) in a sixth grade. During these years, IUE supported cooperative education, Project Read and Classroom Publishing.

In the Spring of 1994 it became apparent to IUE that the strategy of creating pilot exemplary classrooms in Cleveland public schools was not effective. None of the pilot project ideas described under Early History was picked up by the District, in part because at the time its financial position was so bleak that there were no resources to pursue any idea which would require significant teacher training. IUE therefore turned its attention to the three initiatives described on this website.

White Papers

From time to time IUE will publish white papers on aspects of its work. IUE encourages challenges to and elaborations on the conclusions and facts stated in these papers. You can find these papers through each of the three initiatives pages. IUE would be pleased to initiate a dialogue on any or all of the three initiatives it is pursuing. Use the contact page to communicate with us.


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